Jon Novi, Piano & George Sawyn, Guitar


A public figure gets a question he wasn’t expecting...

A football team runs a carefully practiced play, and something goes wrong...

An actor forgets a line; a comedian asks the audience for a situation and an occupation; a musician gets a request for a song he’s never played before...

Improvisation is everywhere. In the realm of music it is most often associated with jazz, which is one very specific type of improvisation. But it is also common to rock and blues, and many of the composers we call “classical” were very adept improvisers.

On this recording, we are completely “winging it”–we had never played any of these songs together before; we simply picked a song, Jon hit the “Record” button, and we started. All of the tunes are first and only takes, with the exception of “Carol Of The Birds”, which I had never heard before and was reading; I asked Jon to let me have another try at it.

If you’re looking for perfectly “squeaky-clean” performances with no clams, you won’t find them here; we were improvising and creating variations on the very themes, melodies, harmony, and forms of the songs. Jon and I were not always in perfect “sync” with where we wanted to take a song, but there are many instances of some rather astounding interaction. We are sure that if you approach this recording with an open ear and an open mind, as well as a “Let’s see what happens” attitude, you will enjoy it.

Come explore these songs with us!

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