The Trout Creek Concert


A warm summer evening in a tiny Upper Michigan town. A group of friends. A man with a guitar. Three simple ingredients were all it took for The Trout Creek Concert to be born, with songs both borrowed and invented by George Sawyn.

There were requests, of course, as people settled down to listen: September Song for an anniversary. Spanish Eyes, with George doing the soft, yearning lyrics as well as guitar, and Malaguena--familiar strains coaxed gently and lovingly from a guitar that’s as much a part of George as his name.

There were originals, too, like Never Been to Hawaii, which George wrote to feature the slack-key style of guitar music found in the islands. Up-tempo but still relaxed, it suits a quiet evening with friends. Added later, after the concert, was June 15, an original George did for an admired musician, the late Wes Montgomery, and named for the date of his death. Friends can also be those never met.

Eight of the tracks were recorded live that soft summer night, using special equipment that allowed George to play live duets with himself. The others were recorded in a studio, but the feeling is the same: simple pleasure, congenial friends, music to watch stars by - and always, George’s casual yet detailed style that pays attention to every note and makes each string sing.

This CD is an invitation: pull up a chair at The Trout Creek Concert. That gathering of friends includes you.

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