You’ve Got A Friend


At one time, dinner music would consist of old standards, bossa novas, and light jazz.

Somewhere around 1990, I began to supplement this repertoire with newer pop and rock songs, and started working up solo guitar renditions of some of my favorite songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Most of the songs on this CD have been staples in my solo guitar library for a very long time. The digital looper made it possible for me to have some fun playing lead guitar in the solo guitar setting; I did these recordings in the spirit of what my live performances would sound like if I had 2 or more pairs of hands and 2 or more guitars.

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps,”  was recorded live during a solo concert at Hans Christian’s Studio 330 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, using my standard solo guitar rig: my Washburn  C64 CE classical guitar, a Boomerang III digital looper, and a Zoom A2 digital effects unit. Hans engineered the recording, occasionally supplementing my effects, and used a couple of microphones for the room sound.

All the other tracks were recorded at Small Scale Recording (my home), and all recording and mixing were done on an iPad with a Tascam iM2 stereo microphone, and using the following apps: Multitrack DAW, Korg Gadget, JamUp Pro,

Echo Pad, Crystalline, and Swoopster.

I would like to dedicate this CD to my friend Dave Tranovich;

I originally started recording these songs to help lift his spirits during his recovery from a really nasty biking accident in which he lost one leg.

Here’s hoping they lift your spirits too!

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